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Official Certified Translator/ Interpreter- 02369-1

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Nikolay Paykov- Bansko Translations

I am Nikolay Paykov, a language services expert with extensive experience in various forms of translation, including written, simultaneous, and consecutive interpretations.

What means Legalization of a document?

Legalized document is a document with proven authenticity via verifications from different governmental or municipality institutions and an appostile. The appostile verification of the document depends on the document. It might be in the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the National Center for information and Documentation!

ApostilleApostille is a certificate attached to your original document from the country the document is issued from to verify it is legitimate and authentic so it will be accepted in one of the other countries who are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. When you have appostile from any of the countries that has signedHague s convention, any additional verifications are not required.

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Written translation and legalization of documents.


Simultaneous, consecutive and accompanying translation.


Legalisation of documents issued in Bulgaria aimed to be used abroad. Legalisation with appostile of documents issued abroad. Legalization of foreign documents with legal aid. Legalization of foreign documents certified by an embassy.



Bansko Translations is a certified translation and document services provider. We take pride in offering expert handling of the translation and official certification of your documents. Our services are available online for select documents. To check if your specific document is available for online service, please contact us. To use our online services, you need to provide us with a scanned copy of your document, the intended delivery address for the completed translation, and a contact phone number. Our process is seamless, and we deliver your translated document directly to you with a cash-on-delivery option for your convenience. In addition to written translation, we also offer oral translation services. Our team is equipped to deliver professional and accurate interpretation for various events requiring immediate, on-site translation, or business negotiations. Our aim is to facilitate seamless communication for our clients.


Online Request Submission

Initiate your translation request by sending us a detailed online inquiry specifying your exact needs. We are committed to efficiency and responsiveness. Expect a comprehensive response from our team within 6 hours of your submission.


Commencement of Translation Services

Upon receipt of all necessary documents, our expert team will promptly begin the translation process. We ensure meticulous attention to detail and accuracy, adhering to the highest standards of linguistic precision.


Delivery of Translated Documents

Once the translation is complete, we facilitate the delivery of your documents. Your translated materials will be dispatched via a secure, customer-payment courier service, ensuring timely and safe receipt of the final product.

What others are saying:

"Quality and professionalism!"

Anna Bogoeva

"Excellent translation quality and level of professionalism! :)"


"The services were performed quickly and efficiently. I am very pleased with the professional attitude."

Ilia Yazikov

"I would like to recommend Nikolay as a sworn translator and interpreter.

He is very professional, reliable, kind, and friendly. He offers a personalised approach for each client. He helped me to correctly fill out the forms for residency. He knows the local offices in Bansko, and his advice is always right. I am from Poland, and Nikolay accompanied me to Immigration office in Blagoevgrad and helped me with my residency card. It took only 3 days to receive the residency permit for 5 years. Everybody can trust him and his knowledge. He is worth every penny. He is worth all the money that is spent on his services."

Anna Kycia

"Thank you once again for your help Niki. As always, you make the process and paperwork so much less stressful for us." 

Glynis Morgan

"Have used Niki for a number of things, residency, driving licence, residential bills... and in all cases brilliant, could not recommend enough..."

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Bansko Translations is committed to offering personalised and meticulous service to every client. To ensure the highest level of attention and efficiency, we operate our office exclusively on a prior arrangement basis. We kindly request all clients schedule their appointments in advance. This structured approach enables us to allocate the appropriate resources and attention to each client's unique needs, ensuring a seamless and high-quality experience.

ul. "Khan Asparuh" 23, 2770 кв. Glazne, Bansko, Bulgaria


phone: +359 89 349 5995

e-mail: [email protected]